Fendpoll bee feeder


fendpoll bee feederNew!The description and application of the FENDPOLL bee feeder

Why have we developed it?

1. In spring, as experience shows, bee colonies can be stronger by as much as 20-30% with the application of internal watering. Primarily, because fewer bee-workers perish in search of water.2. In summer it allows for continuous stimulation and therefore beekeepers can realise higher profits with less work. It can also be used during droughts, outside the collection periods and in the daytime. Robbing will not occur.

Its advantages in more detail,

3. The fact that, in a unique way, we can feed and water bees at the same time with this bee feeder is highly useful. After entering through the entrance bees can go in two directions. In one direction they will get to a watering trough filled with syrup. Its dimensions protect bees from drowning while its walls are rough enough for the bees to move about. In the other direction we can find a feeding tray in which you can place bee candy, medical products or even granulated sugar.4. Bees can keep the feed placed in the bee feeder warm since it is above the winter cluster.5. Its position is optimal for the bees as opposed to other waterers since they can easily reach it in cool weather too, which is not true for external waterers for instance. It can be refilled without the hive going cold.6. The dimensions of the water tray guarantee that bees can consume the syrup from the feeder in several days only thus allowing for CONTINUOUS STIMULATION with relatively little work. This is indispensable in the summer, outside the collection period, to maintain the oviposition of queen-bees.7. It can be refilled during daytime or in the summer, even outside the collection period. The fitting covers prevent the evaporation of the syrup and therefore searching. Secret robbing will not occur since the colony can defend its own entrance easily and will take down as much syrup as they can surely cover and protect. The syrup does not evaporate and therefore does not solidify. Ants can reach the feed only with difficulty.8. It can be left in the hive in winter too. In this case the hive’s ventilation can be ensured by lifting one of the covers. In spring bee candy can simply be placed inside without opening the cover.9. We can easily check how much feed is left and how the colony behaves, since the lid is transparent.10. It is easy to clean and sterilise in a reliable way as opposed to wooden feeders.11. It is well-insulated.12. It is light, its weight is half or one-third of ordinary wooden tray feeders. It is durable and does not require any special maintenance. Stackable and pileable.

fendpoll bee feederApplication:1. Before inserting the feeder, the bee hives are to be levelled out so that they would tilt two-three millimetres forward.2. Sheeting is to be placed under the feeder to fully cover all the frames on the top.3. A hole is to be cut in the sheeting that must be the same size as the feeder’s entrance.4. The feeder’s covers can easily be opened in one direction by forcing the shorter section of a hive tool inside and lifting it while slightly pushing the cover down at the same time.5. It is worth covering the top of the feeder with insulating material, especially at the beginning of the beekeeping season.6. The feeder must be protected from strong sunlight and extreme mechanical impact. It is made of moulded plastic.

Its dimensions allow for application in most hive types. It is 42 cm × 34 cm × 5 cm so it can hold nearly 2 litres of syrup.

In summary: it is a new type of feeder which can increase yields with as much as 20-30% as compared to traditional feeders.